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Sinus infection, or sinusitis, is an inflammation of the sinuses and nasal passages. Sinuses are air filled pockets or spaces found in the bones of the face, around the eyes and the nose.
Infection of sinuses is one of the common health care complaints in the world. Sinusitis can be acute (going on less than four weeks) sub acute (4–8 weeks) or chronic (going on for 8 weeks or more).






Allergy - Most commonest causes are animal dander, smoke & pollutants.
1. Infection due to bacteria, viral, fungal.
2. Upper respiratory tract infection.
3. Nasal polyps.
4. Climatic factors like sudden temperature changes.
5. Swimming in infected water.
6. Traveling by airplane during upper respiration infection.
7. Low immunity.
Tonsillitis - one of the commonest causes.


1. Nasal obstruction.
2. Post nasal drip.
3. Pressure behind the eyes.
4. Sensation of fullness of face.
5. Mild fever and headache.
6. Sore throat.
7. All symptoms are increased by air travel.



1. First make sure it is sinusitis because other problems like asthma, upper respiration tract infection, tooth problems may appear like sinusitis.
2. If you have any of the above symptoms consult your doctor for proper treatment.
3. Steam inhalations are of a greater advantage then any other medicine.
4. Avoid cold food & cold drinks.
5. Avoid foods which have preservatives & are artificially coloured & flavoured.
6. Avoid smoking and avoid other environmental pollution if possible. Avoid swimming at unknown places where chances of contamination are more.
7. Avoid air travel during upper respiration infection.
8. Use warm compresses on you nose to help open the sinuses.
9. Do warm water gargles.
10. Drink plenty of fluids.
11. People with diabetes are prone to sinusitis so keep diabetes under control with proper treatment.
12. Avoid contact with people who have cold or at least don't share their towels, silverware & beverages.

Always use a handkerchief when sneezing. Wash your hands frequently as cold viruses often survive for hours in the open such as doorknobs, money & other surfaces. Regular moderate exercise helps to strengthen your immune system thus prevent colds & other infection.

Vitamin C, Vitamin A supplements are helpful. Healthy diets full of fruits, raw green vegetables help to stimulate secretions & break up sinusitis.


If your condition doesn't improve. Recurrent bouts of sinusitis. If it develops into on inflammation around the eye.

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