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Dermatophytosis or ringworm is a clinical condition caused by fungal infection of the skin in humans.
The term Ringworm is misleading as actually no worm is involved. It is a contagious fungal infection of the skin called so due to its ring shaped appearance.


1. Fungal infection which is contagious.
2. Person to person contact, infected pets are the transmission routes. Ringworm is common, especially among children.

Ringworm can affect the skin on your:-

  • Beard -- tinea barbae.
  • Body -- tinea corporis.
  • Feet -- tinea pedis (also called athlete's foot)
  • Groin area -- tinea cruris (also called jock itch)
  • Scalp -- tinea capitis.


1. Infections on the body may give rise to typical enlarging raised red rings of ringworm, infection on the skin of the feet may cause athlete's foot and in the groin jock itch.
2. Red scaly round oval patches with normal skin in the centre.
3. Starts as a small red patch & grows into a ring shaped rash with itching & scaling.
4. Ringworm can occur any where on the body but warm , moist areas, such as armpits, groins, beneath the breasts and feet are the most common places.


1. Maintain personal hygiene.
2. Take a bath daily.
3. Wash clothes and iron well.
4. Keep skin dry if you perspire a lot change clothes often.Do not share clothes, bed linen, towels with other people


  • A severe case of ringworm.
  • Ringworm that keeps coming back or that lasts for a long time.
  • Ringworm in your hair.

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