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Kidney stones are sometimes called renal calculi. The condition of having kidney stones is termed nephrolithiasis.It is a solid concretion or crystal aggregation formed in the kidneys from dietary minerals in the urine. Urinary stones are typically classified by their location in the kidney (nephrolithiasis), ureter (ureterolithiasis), or bladder (cystolithiasis), or by their chemical composition (calcium-containing, struvite, uric acid, or other compounds).

This is one of the commonest causes for pain in abdomen. It can also cause infection & obstruction to the follow of urine. Stones are first formed in the kidney and then they pass towards the bladder. Small stones may be passed with out giving rise to any problems. But large stones are ones which cause problem. Kidney stones are more common is middle age people than the elderly.


Dietary factors that increase the risk of stone formation include low fluid intake, and high dietary intake of animal protein, sodium, refined sugars, oxalate, grapefruit juice, apple juice, and cola drinks.

Hereditary. It may run in the family. Chronic urinary tract infection in one of the major cause for stone formation.
Decrease in fluid intake may cause formation of stones. Increase calcium intake i.e. more than the required amount (e.g. intake of too much of chocolates, strawberries). Prolonged bed ridden patients may have stone formation.
Increase in uric acid level, in the body. Hot weather leads to increase fluid out put thus less fluid in body and thus in formation of stones.


Excruciating intermittent pain that radiates from the flank to the groin or to the genital area and inner thigh. This particular type of pain, known as renal colic, is often described as one of the strongest pain sensations known.
1. Painful urination.
2. Red urine.
3. Nausea & Vomiting.
4. Profuse sweating.

In case of an infection along with the above mentioned symptoms there may be Fever with Chills. Frequent urge to pass urine.


In case of an infection consult your doctor immediately and take regular treatment.

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