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A migraine is a very painful type of headache. People who get migraines often describe the pain as pulsing or throbbing in one area of the head. It is one of the most common ailments ofthe nervous system. It causes recurrent headaches usually one sided accompanied with gastric, visual or other neurological signs. The sufferer is completelynormal between two episodes. They may or may not get certain warning signs before an attack.



  • Anxiety.
  • Stress.
  • Lack of food or sleep.
  • Exposure to light.
  • Hormonal changes (in women).
  • Specific food allergy e.g. chocolate, cheese, red wine.
  • During menses.
  • Drugs- birth control pills.
  • Overexertion or fatigue after exercise, sexual activity.
  • Exposure to sun.
  • Excessive or flickering light.


  1. The prodrome, which occurs hours or days before the headache.
  2. The aura, which immediately precedes the headache.
  3. The pain phase, also known as headache phase.
  4. The postdrome.


1. Mood changes.
2. Visual problems such as seeing dazzling zigzag lights.
3. Eyes-cannot tolerate light.
4. Ringing in ears.
5. Dizziness.
6. Increased thirst.
7. Excessive drowsiness.
8. Feeling of excess of energy or elation.
9. Craving of sweets.


1. Headache unilateral.
2. Nausea.
3. Vomiting.
4. Light headedness.
5. Headache increased by movements.
6. Giddiness.
7. Intolerance of light, noise.
8. Increased irritation.
9. Pale face.
10. Tenderness of scalp.
11. Decreased sensation around the mouth.
12. Mood changes.
13. Anxiety.


1. Avoid stress learn how to cope with it. Yoga, meditation, regular moderate exercises help to relieve stress. 2.Avoid foods which you think cause these problems. Usually they may be chocolate, cheese, red wine.
3. Proper rest and sleep is a must for prevention.
4. Eat meals at regular time.
5. Do not over eat.
6. Avoid overexertion.
7. When going out in sun use an umbrella or dark glasses.
8. Avoid pain killers and try to sleep it off.
9. Regular exercises prevent attacks of migraine. As soon as a headache begins drink 3 glasses of very cold water and then with a cold pack go lie down in a dark quiet room without a pillow.
10. Complete bed rest with minimal light, noise and Odour help a lot.
11. Avoid alcohol and smoking.


If your headache is accompanied with severe vomiting, weakness, visual problems. You get too frequent attacks of headache. If your headache is the first thing you get in the morning and it persists with vomiting as this may not be migraine but high blood pressure.
With vomiting high fever, light hurts your eyes it may be meningitis.
If you develop weakness of one side following a headache.

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